52hertzwhale the new moniker for Fusam’s underworld : artwork and tracklist revealed

52hertzwhale is the new moniker under which Heny Maatar aka Fusam releases his electrockambient works.
Fusam’s quest sails away farther while sparing lower frequencies for another solo temple.
Along with his major project, Heny’s 52hertzwhale is here to focus on the oceanic pulse of humanity’s solitude as a species.

“Klexos” is the title of the debut full-length album conglomerated with new collaborations.
To be released on April 2016.
Artwork by Aymen Bessghaier.
52hertzwhale klexos artwork














01- Detrás Diluvio

02- Apokalipsis Shvili [Feat SurrealEast]

03- Transient Permanence

04- Onism

05- Dream City

06- Klexos [Feat 18h15]

07- Electroots

08- Infexodus

09-  בית של עכביש [Feat Ynflx]

10- Circus Araby

11- HeklAa – Vik [52hertwhale Remake]

12- Infexodus [Remix]