release date:

April 30, 2016


52hertzwhale – Klexos

All music produced and performed by Heny Maatar aka Fusam. Except for Track 02, 06, 09 co-produced by Surreal East, 18h15 and Ynflx respectively. "Vik" is an original track by HeklAa remade by Heny Maatar. "Dream City" & "Electroots" feature as the original soundtrack of "Dream City" a film of Khairi Jemli. Mastered by Jon Rinneby, Sound of Wool, Malmö, Sweden Artwork design: Ayman Bessghaier. April 2016. This record is an independent work that stands for those who helped creating it. Its value does not relate to any commercial purposes. Any material support of it comes in form of donation rather than sale. Donations would serve for sustaining the whale's frequencies and help him play in your neighborhood. All rights reserved to universal ethics and manners. Open-sources for educational and non-profit concerns. Dedicated to the departed crystal soul of Oussama Kammoun. credits released April 30, 2016 Oceanic gratitude goes to: The Moon of the Whale Hanna Cinthio, Omar Lahiani, Dzma Anri Maliani, Cécile Nicolas, Sébastien Touraton, Oussema Gaidi, Ayman Bessghaier, Fares Amouri, Radhouane Addala, Malek Khemiri, Mohyeddine Rouached, Nabil Saidi, Nadine Assaf, Sandy Nasser, Bassem Daouk, Danny Idriss, Mouldi Souissi, Mahdi Riahi, Ramy Boueldelli, Amine Kacem, Abdelhamid Ben Selma, Ildiko Kovacs, Jowan Safadi, Nasrin Gendawe.