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Fusam & Inan on “Escape to the Moon”

Heny met Inan in Offenburg.
A new single track entitled “Escape to The Moon” came to life as a result of their connexion.

Written and produced by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.
Heart flow and throat of Inan.
Offenburg, July 2016
Vocals recorded at Streethop Records, Offenburg, Germany.
Courtesy of Claudio Esposito.
Special thanks goes to:
– Jan Warmuth
“Without you, so many things would never be the same…”
– Stadt Offenburg, Jugendbüro
– Juze Kessel

Fusam’s κάθαρσις is fully digitally released Now!

κάθαρσις, a purificating state of mind, where I kept my stream of consciousness floating upon the surface of my daily life struggles.
Here I faced points of inner strife, and all the negative energy along with the black magic I endured during the latest years.
A self-accepting vibration, a total torus at which I stared at the geology of my soul. In restless signs of life and the stillness of a sufi’s buttom,
I achieved my catharsis and honored the gods within me, the gods that grew as I walked through the haze of circumstances. I achieved my Catharsis and honored the absolutions in me; a greek minerva standing still, upon the hill with a single tree.
released 07 December 2014.
All music and lyrics written, performed and produced by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.
Except for “Stoner Sufi” co-written with George Flett aka Gore Tech
and “The Zionist Arab Spring” co-produced with Bassem Daouk (Viron Studio – Lebanon)
Track 01 and 04 pre-mastered in Viron Studio (Lebanon)Many Thanks to:
Bassem Daouk, George L Flett, Ghassen Kahouli, Oussema Gaidi, Amine Kacem, Marius Kramer, Nabil Saidi