Fusam and Hannah on a Psychbeat “Solemn Slumber”

“Solemn Slumber” is a collaboration track with Hannah Schheider.
A flowing improvisational track that was built on Hannah’s twisted beat.

Hannah Schheider – Beatmaking, Samples
Heny Maatar – Guitars, SynthBass, Additional Beat

Co-written by Hannah Schheider and Heny Maatar.
Post-produced by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.
Cover by Yuri Shwedoff.
Hannah Soundcloud
Tunis – Berlin ~ September 2015

We are those who worship astral deities.
We are those who shed tears for cloudless night skies.
We are those who belong to the void.
Those who are waiting for the asteroid.
We are the children of the apocalypse.