Fusam initiates the first edition of DFC project in Tunis/Bizerte

DFC abbrev. Dorsolateral Frontal Cortex, or the cerebral part that’s responsible for the simulation of images while listening to music. A concept of performances and workshops created by Heny Maatar a k a Fusam, electronic music producer and project manager at Don Dada,
Don Dada is a Swedish organization that has been active in the MENA region working with different local cultural operators.
This concept event is designed to attract young Tunisian audiences exposing them to and involving them in a different, creative and democratized electronic music and digital culture/experience.

DFC covers disciplines and arts such as laptop, digital and analog music, djaying, experimental music, vjaying, visual arts and film.

DFC is a platform that marries live sound and image, teaching and learning, giving and receiving to serve fundamental art and cultural purposes.



Watch trailer of first edition here: