Fusam join forces with Malex on “Eastinzaf” – Exclusive Single Track

“Eastinzaf” استنزاف is the title of Fusam’s new single track featuring Malek Khemiri aka Malex;
MC member of the notorious music militant group Armada Bizerta from Tunisia.
“Eastinzaf” which is Arabic from blood-drain or extreme exhaustion / loss of resources.
The track carries a new approach to the integration of rap into fusion music.
Bass, Electronic, Rock and more to host Malex’s vocal and lyrical skills.11949853051162234570break_carlos_katastrofsk_.svg.hi All music written, performed and produced by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.
Lyrics scripted and spit by Malek Khemiri aka Malex.
Into/chorus poem and voice of the great Henry Charles Bukowski.
Vocals recorded by Gal3i.
Many thanks go to those concerned with this piece of music in a direct or indirect manner.