Kepler 47 – Fusam’s dark space ambient track on Voidmorf

Fusam’s “Kepler 47 “ is an experimental dark space ambient track to be featured on Vinnui/Mortum upcoming CD entitled Voidmorf. Released under Exabyss Records and Mastered at the Steel Hook Prosthesis Studio.
A sonic interpretation of Kepler’s child number 47, the planet hunter’s deceit.
A drift within the binary star system and their gas giants encapsulated into sound sequences bent to the terrestrial atmosphere’s being the fatalistic frequency carrier to the human ear.

Kepler 47 is a collaboration track with Mortum; a hungarian dark ambient/industrial producer based in New York.

This track contains micro-frequencies that do not fit to your poor laptop speakers
Best results obtained using headphones with a descent frequency range.
Do not consume this track
Listen here: