Fusam, Hess & Lobna Noomen on a Tunisian folk remake

Lobna Noomen and Mahdi Chakroun are two of the closest fellow artists to me in Tunisia. Not only on a personal level but also on the artistic one. Lobna and Mahdi succeeded through the years to establish their proper scene and develop their own believing crowd through engaging into their artistic values and preserving the integrity of their vision of art and engagement, against all the odds and the dominant mediocrity and corruption ruling upon the Tunisian cultural and artistic scene.
Today, and despite the appearant gap in styles and backgrounds we made it to produce our first collaboration. It is the fruit of a spontaneous exchange of ideas during a workshop at their place in Ez-zahra, Tunis. A revisit of a well-known old tunisian folk song entitled “Yamma Wajatuha” (literally translates to: “Oh mother, you’re hurting her”).
Mahdi Chakroun initiated the thematic with his personal pre-arrangement only to develop into a snowball effect of an evolving bass track, enriched and enhanced with his interpretation on Oud and Lobna’s typically emotional and silky voice.

Lobna has actually sung this song in Bahrain in 2013 in front of the Bahraini minister of culture. Lobna dedicated this song to every oppressed woman enduring any sort of violence. Today, we re-dedicate the same song, to every oppressed woman all over the globe.

Singing and emotions by Lobna Noomen
Oud and pre-arrangement by Mahdi Chakroun/Hess
Produced and arranged by Heny Maatar aka Fusam

Vocals recorded by Heny at Lobna and Mahdi’s flat in Ez-zahra, Tunis
Mixed by Heny Maatar
Mastered by Marius Krämer aka Bassinfected, Berlin – Germany
Artwork photography by Oussama Dridi
Artwork graphic by Khorda

© DONDADA 2018


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